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Chin Up, Chin Down and Say Cheese With The Perfect Laser Gum Treatment

Date : 30/05/2018

Everybody wants to be happy and lead a contented and peaceful life. The happiness is reflected right on one’s face through the smile they always have on their lips. So, don’t you think this smile needs to be so beautiful and remarkable for a reason that the whole world around you wants to look at you and you be the apple of their eyes?? Yes!! If so, show off your teeth and give a glittering smile to people who come your way. This not only helps you create an impression among others but also gain personal confidence to a certain extent. For this to happen, your teeth ought to be aesthetically appealing, free from gum diseases and pigmentation. There are many dental clinics offering laser gum treatment in Chennai, India. MSR Dental Clinic and Implant Center is also one among them serving their clients with unique solutions for their dental problems. Their expert team comprises of many cosmetic dentists and surgeons such as Dr. Vivek Pandian, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dr. Aadithi, Laser Specialist reaching out to the patients to opt for the treatment in accordance with their requirements. With the help of the world-class facilities such as laser dentistry, physio-dispenser and painless injections, MSR Clinic stands apart from other dental clinics too.

Do you know what Gum Pigmentation and Gummy Smile are?

Picture this. You are sitting for a face to face interview. Almost all questions are easy and answering them does not seem to be difficult. Yet, your confidence level goes down every time you open your mouth to answer. Do you know why you are worried? Maybe the dark spots and patches on your gum hinder you from opening your mouth and say out the answer loudly because of the self-consciousness. The presence of these very unpleasant and seemingly dirty blotches of gum tissues that are quite visible is Gum Pigmentation. Quite akin to this, Gummy Smile is the result of abnormal mouth shape and serious dental issues. The significant causes of gum pigmentation are lack of hygiene, smoking, drinking and overproduction of melanin etc.

Major Causes of a Gummy Smile

  • Improper growth of the upper jaw bone
  • Presence of enormous amounts of gum tissue that results in the inappropriate breakage of teeth
  • The upper lip movement becomes uneasy as the muscles of the teeth seems hyperactive

Getting rid of both Gum Pigmentation and Gummy Smile are a herculean task, of course. MSR Dental Hospital helps the patient by removing the excessive amounts of gum tissue that is found around the teeth so that more parts of the teeth can be shown. This, in a way, helps the patient to have a better external appearance. The hospital relies on laser treatment methods in order to remove the gummy pigmentation and gummy smile. Yes, MSR ensures to bring a mouthful smile through painstaking efforts.

Laser for Gummy Smile Needs to be there on your List

If you really want to have a wide smile using your teeth free from too much of gum tissues, laser surgery is the viable solution. A local anesthesia is given to the patient and a beam of laser is made to pass through the gum tissue in order to create a linear gum line. Every now and then, some amount of water is also used to make it smooth. Anyway, no heat is produced from laser beams and is of course, not painful.

Isn’t Laser for Depigmentation on your Cards?

Soft tissue diode lasers are used to remove the gum surfaces and black melanin pigment. A soft tissue in ideal pink colour is formed thus.

Advantages of Laser Dental Treatment

  • Minimal bleeding and inflammation
  • No discomfort and pain is very much lesser
  • The teeth can be elongated to a certain extent in order to produce a linear gum line
  • Speedy post recovery

The laser gum depigmentation in Chennai offered by MSR Dental Hospital is very much reliable and the services offered are faster, transparent and simple.

Now, say cheese!!

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