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Are You A Candidate For Zygomatic Implants?

Date :12/12/2018

Though considered trivial a few years back by many, dental health is finally being regarded as one of the most important factors concerning the body. Are you a candidate for Zygomatic Implants?Deteriorating oral health can affect the overall health of a person which eventually leads to chronic diseases like pneumonia. But as in every field of medicine, dentistry too has been displaying great progress and advancements in the treatments. Medicines and treatments have been found out for almost every single issue concerning oral health. Be it cavity or missing teeth, dentistry has found the solution for all of it. Even after the advent of certain treatments for missing tooth, some people aren’t eligible to avail the conventional implants due to various reasons. That is where Zygomatic Implants come into play. Zygomatic Implants provides treatment choices for those patients who are not considered eligible candidates for the conventional dental implant treatment. So, what do you think are zygomatic implants and how are they different from conventional implants?

zygomatic implants in india

As mentioned before, the zygomatic implants offer alternative treatment methods for patients who are not eligible for traditional dental implants. The zygomatic implant, often called the cheekbone implant, makes use of the cheekbone to anchor the long zygomatic implants. The most interesting and relieving factor of the zygomatic implant is that unlike the other treatment options, the zygomatic implants don’t require a bone graft which can be quite intimidating for the patients.

Moreover, the bone grafting procedures demand a lot of time which includes multiple appointments at the dentist and longer recovery time. The recent trends show that the zygomatic implants are much prefered than the conventional dental implants. Zygomatic implants tale much less time than the traditional ones where you need 6 months at the most to get your implants done. Zygomatic implant procedures require a maximum of three days time, due to which your healing time would be much shorter. You can bite and chew within a few days post your surgery.

Now, let’s see if you are an eligible candidate for zygomatic implants? You could be an ideal candidate for the zygomatic implants if the bone in your upper jaw has been lost due to conditions like tooth loss or periodontal disease because you may not have enough bone for the positioning of a conventional implant.

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