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Dental Implants in Chennai

Date :7/11/2021

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Zygomatic implants are anchors obtained from the cheek called the zygomatic bone. They are used in cases of excessive bone remodelling or extensive maxillary sinuses, which leads to a sufficient amount of bone to anchor the implants.

The bone of the zygomatic arch is used as an anchor for long implants and as an anchor for a prosthesis with regular implants in the anterior region. This technique has helped in the adequate rehabilitation of patients providing restored function and improved aesthetics and has restored normal social life to many patients.

This is Maxilla’s current “Gold Standard” treatment option that has been highly restructured

In the case of patients undergoing zygoma implants, a CBCD scan is mandatory prior to treatment to analyze the size and quality of the bone available horizontally and vertically.

At our MSR dental clinic, zygoma implants are performed under general anaesthesia by a team of experienced physicians.

The entire procedure for implantation and dental repair will be completed within 6 – 10 days.

Zygoma is the strongest bone in our cheeks. It is a dense bone in nature. We can achieve maximum anchor with these bone implants compared to normal conventional implants.

It was first introduced in 1990 by Dr. Per Ingvar Brainmark. Gigoma implants are titanium made of high length. These implants are fixed to the jigoma bone, on which its upper teeth (hybrid polyps) are delivered

Gycoma implants are performed under general anaesthesia. This can be done in a maximum of 3-4 hours. This is a minor surgical procedure. People will be in an hour of recovery.
Under general anaesthesia, your implant specialist will make an incision in the opening of the flap, and then pierce (without even disturbing) your first molar until it crosses your sinus, finally entering the gigoma bone. Then the right length of jigoma implants are taken and gently placed on the jigoma bone (as the jigoma implants affect the jigoma bone).

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