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Painless Tooth Removal

Tooth removal has come to be one of the most fearful and anxious procedures one has to go through. Most of them literally avoid situations where they have to visit a doctor or just bear the pain. But now as technology has advanced and so has the treatment procedures and options, tooth removal is one of the most pain-free and easiest of procedures one would experience.


Most of the time, the dentists use the method of giving local anesthesia by painless injections. This basically helps to keep the patients calm and relaxed. As the patient is given anesthesia he or she is unaware of the pain and provides the dentist with the leverage of continuing the procedure. In the painless injection technique, a computerized system provides local anesthesia to patients in such a way that the pain and discomfort are totally reduced and lessened. This technique is used on patients who are terrified and highly scared of dental procedures. The computerized system of delivery controls the rate of flow and rate of pressure to be given for a relaxed injection. The anesthetic solution goes through a pen-shaped handpiece directly into the veins. Once the whole area has been numbed, the doctor starts off the dental procedure.

Once done, the area in question is totally numb and anesthetized. The doctor then uses an instrument known as the elevator that helps to loosen the teeth. The next step is to extract the tooth with help of forceps and gauze is placed over the extraction site to help heal faster. The doctor would mostly advise you to have food that is soft and not applies too much pressure on the extracted area. Also eating food that doesn’t stick to your teeth and gums and avoiding cold drinks would be recommended.

It is always better to get your teeth and dental care checked on a regular basis to avoid unnecessary complications. With the painless technology and method of tooth extraction and removal just became a lot more simpler, and trouble-free.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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