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Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry is an advanced sector in dentistry to conserve dental structures. The sector includes understanding the natural properties of a tooth to mimic its look and function to treat weak, fractured, damaged and decayed teeth. Biomimetic dentistry provides a strong seal from the invasion of bacteria and reduces the necessity for cutting or trimming teeth for crown placements. The method also eliminates the requirement for root canal treatments. Biomimetic dentistry involves utilizing the latest trends in dental materials and technology to preserve the natural tooth.

biommetric dentistry in chennai

Biomimetic dentistry mimics life-like nature of damaged or decayed teeth by conserving the most ideal properties of natural teeth. It involves restoring damaged, broken, or decayed teeth to its natural strength, properties and appearance in a strong and attractive approach. To further understand the biomimetic dentistry, while treating damaged or decayed teeth using the traditional approach, it involves aggressive preparation to strengthen the restoration and no attention is given into the function and mechanism of final restored tooth. This can lead to future complications and can become more aggressive and invasive. Using the biomimetic dentistry, only the damaged segments of the tooth structure or the decayed portion of the tooth pulp is removed from the teeth and the restoration is bonded to the residual healthy natural tooth. The bonded restorations mimic the function and behavior of the natural tooth.

Biomimetic restorations use a hard tissue bond and rejuvenate the damaged tooth to a functional, biologic, and esthetic renewal. These restorations include:

  • Stress-reduced direct composite restorations
  • Porcelain/composite inlays and onlays

Biomimetic dentistry is a permanent solution to those who are not willing to undergo a root canal treatment or have a crown placed on a damaged or broken tooth. This innovative method in dentistry emphasizes on conservative treatment that minimizes the removal of healthy tooth structure and protects the teeth against infection and decay. The method eliminates the requirement of costly dental restorations and preserves the natural tooth structure.

Biomimetic dentistry also avoids the requirement for root canal treatment. Using the advanced approach, only the decayed tooth structure is removed without affecting the nerve. They are sealed off to prevent penetration of debris and bacteria and eliminate the risk of future infection and decay. Biocompatible bonding materials such as a fiberglass mesh are used to disperse the forces while chewing and to minimize the stresses between the restoration and the tooth structure. By this development of cracks are blocked and also protects the margins from breaking down.

At MSR dentistry, we have a team of well skilled and qualified dentists and dental surgeon to perform restorations that mimic the natural tooth appearance and function without losing the natural teeth structure. Biomimetic dentistry is an emerging department in denal industry and our dentists are in constant learning to understand the new techniques and to provide treatment services that provide complete dental solutions. To know your chances on biomimetic dentistry treatment approach and treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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