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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

What is a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full Mouth Rehabilitation performs Full Mouth Dental Rejuvenation Treatment procedures using dental implants. The treatment is an effective option for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth due to various reasons. A full mouth rehabilitation treatment is designed to bring in a complete makeover in terms of aesthetic appearance and function with a complete set of permanent teeth that allows you to confidently smile, eat and talk without worrying about appearance.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure

A full mouth rehabilitation procedure consists of:

  1. Dental implantation on the upper and lower jaw
  2. Placement of implanted supported bridges or crowns
  • The number of implants inserted depends on the jaw bone quality and availability. Maximum of six to eight dental implants are placed in the upper jaw and about four to six implants in the lower jaw for creating a strong base.
  • Dental implants are small screws that mimic the look and function of a natural root that holds the crown in position without slipping. They are implanted into the jaw bone and allowed to heal and fuse with the jaw tissues.
  • Dental implants are manufactured using non reactive quality titanium so that the body does not identify the implant as a foreign object and the tissues grow surrounding the implant and form a strong and stable base. The extent of treatment process depends on individual condition.
  • Once the dental implants are fused to the jaw tissues and a strong base is formed, custom made permanent porcelain upper and lower teeth are securely fixed on top of the implants. The teeth are cemented or screwed into position and will appear and function as normal teeth.

We use sophisticated and advanced technology and appliances to fabricate custom made durable porcelain upper and lower teeth that fit in precisely. This increases the stability of the permanent teeth and provides a natural look.

Who are eligible for performing full mouth rehabilitation?

The dentist evaluates the oral cavity and if the conditions are favorable, our dentist will showcase the process steps and discuss the treatment options to the patient along with 3D visualizing of the expected result from the treatment procedure. Full mouth rehabilitation is recommended for those who have following situations:

  • Lost most teeth in the upper and lower arch
  • Not willing to use dentures
  • Lost teeth due to age, accident or other conditions

Advantages of Full mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth Rehabilitation has several advantages some of them are listed below:

  • Natural look: The implants and porcelain teeth are custom made to match the facial structure and fits precisely to the gum tissues like a natural teeth. At MSR dentistry, we craft our own dental implants based on client requirement to ensure standard, quality and size specification to fit accurately to the gum.
  • Steadiness: The dental implants are fixed permanently to the jaw bones to eliminate the risk of slipping or loosening of the implants and teeth.
  • Oral strength: full mouth rehabilitation ensures jaw bone restoration and do not cause any damage or loss of jaw bone tissues.
  • Sturdiness: There is no requirement for adjustment to the restoration as they are crafted with patient specification to go with the requirement.

At MSR dentistry, we provide treatment services using the most advanced technology in dental industry with well trained and skilled dental surgeon and other physicians. We have hi tech laboratory with sophisticated machinery and computer technology to fabricate custom made teeth appliances to meet the client requirement and to create a beautiful smile. To know your chances for full mouth rehabilitation and treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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