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Osseointegration Implants

Osseointegration is the structural bond formed between the artificial substance and natural bone and tissue. Osseointegration implants are the strong connection formed between the jawbone and the dental implant. AT MSR dentistry we fabricate custom made dental implants using high quality titanium or zirconium to match client requirement. Dental implants mimic the look and function of a natural root and therefore have to be stable and flexible in the jaw bone and surrounding tissue. The dental implants are crafted using non reactive and non allergic material so that the body does not recognize them as a foreign object. This facilitates the fusion of the implant with jaw bone and gum tissues to form a stable foundation in the oral cavity.

Osseointegration or jawbone and implant fusion is a slow process and may take from 3 to 6 months depending on patient condition. The complete process is staged into 4 phases as:

  • Hemostasis: During this phase a hole is drilled in the jawbone to insert the dental implant. During this process, few blood vessels will be activated that trigger the natural healing process.
  • Inflammation: alteration in the jawbone causes inflammation and also kills the infection causing bacteria.
  • Proliferation: Stimulation and formation of cells and blood vessels happens for bone healing. The new bone tissue fuses to the dental implant surface and forms a thin protein layer between the jawbone and the implant for implant stability.
  • Remodelling: After few weeks the new bone structure begins to remodel connecting to the dental implant and allowing the implanted tooth to be fully functional.

At MSR dentistry, we ensure only high quality materials are used to craft the dental implants to minimize the risk of instability or any alteration of the dental implant over time. We fabricate dental implants using sophisticated CAD/CAM computer aided technology to produce exact size and shaped dental implants that fit in precisely. For those patients who are allergic to metal titanium posts, we craft metal free zirconium implants that are strong and durable. Both titanium and zirconium dental implants serve the function of a natural root structure and replace the missing teeth and improves the aesthetic appearance. After the placement of dental implant, crown is placed on the dental implant. As per the requirement, one or more dental implants are inserted into the jawbone and allowed to fuse to form a stable base foundation. To know more about Osseointegration implants, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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