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Painless Dentistry

Teeth are one of the most essential and important parts of our body. They vary in shape, size, and color. They help us to chew our food thoroughly and help us eat well. Having the best presentable smile is a massive asset and for this, the right kind of dental care is required.
When it comes to dental care or going to the dentist, most people fear the pain it’s going to cause. To make things easier and experiences better, the most innovative and latest technology introduced is that of painless dentistry. This procedure promises no pain at all and a relaxed treatment time with the dentist.

What is it?

Painless dentistry which is also known as sedation dentistry is known to use safe and slight forms of sedation that helps to keep the patient calm and relaxed during the procedure. In this approach, not only is the anxiety level of the patient relieved and under control but also numbs the affected areas which make it easier for the dentists to perform the procedure.
There are various levels of sedation that is administered to patients keeping in mind their pain tolerance level, namely:
Minimal – This is when the patient is awake but feeling calm.
Moderate – This is slightly a higher dose where the patient is awake but is not fully aware.
Deep – Here the patient is totally awake but with very less consciousness
General Anesthesia – The patient is in complete sedation
In painless dentistry, you also have the option of painless injection technology for giving local anesthesia to the patients. This is one of the most revolutionary innovations in the field of dentistry. What happens here is that the anesthetic is given with the help of a fine and delicate needle which is situated in a pen-shaped device. The flow and the pressure of the solution are controlled by a computerized system. The needle gently enters directly into the veins without causing any pain to the patient. Here, the patient is very much awake but does not experience any pain whatsoever.

Who can have sedation or anesthetic injection?

Sedation or painless injection are scenarios used when people are terrified or have very low pain tolerance and just avoid going to the dentist. Sedation can be provided to people who:
Can’t tolerate pain at all
Can’t sit still at the dentist’s chair
Have extremely sensitive teeth
Have a huge amount of dental treatment to be completed

How safe is it?

The procedure or treatment of sedative dentistry or painless dentistry is very safe and has been practiced for many years. It helps to calm the patient down and helps to the doctor get on with their work. Although, it is advisable that the doctor is aware of your medical history before you are given the medicines.
When it comes to injections, sometimes the body’s immune system can reject the anesthesia making it difficult to carry out the dental procedure. Also as the after-effects could last for long hours, you may feel numb and out of control. It is advisable that you speak with your doctor before being administered these treatment options.

Conscious sedation in dental clinic Chennai

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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