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Guided Dental Implants in Chennai

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

Guided dental implant in Chennai, treatment involves a diagnostic CT scan to precisely assess the oral condition and to produce a template. This template will be placed in the oral cavity during surgery to provide a high level of accuracy while inserting the dental implants. Guided implant surgery is particularly useful while placing multiple implants and implants for retained dentures or bridge. Guided implant surgery is a highly accurate method of implant placement technique that eliminates the risk of misplacement of implants in the jawbone. The methods allow predetermining the optimum position, depth and angle of the insertion of one or more dental implant.

guided dental implants in Chennai

At MSR dentistry, we opt for guided implant surgery for inserting multiple dental implants for a successful treatment result. The method is also performed for cases in one or more dental bridges or implant-retained dentures. We rely on CT scans to produce the template as the CT provides accurate bone loss and exact proximity to low sinus cavities and nerve canals with a high level of details on the factors mentioned. CT scan provides the exact result with the procession and enables the surgeon to identify the condition of the oral cavity and to locate the ideal spot of placement of the dental implant. The CT scan also provides accurate diagnosis results when compared to the traditional x-ray method.

Guided implant surgery is a safe and affordable treatment method and reduces the risk of a dental implant rejection caused due to an inaccurate insertion or other reasons. Guided dental implants surgery is based on three-dimensional scans and immediate loading techniques of a crown on the dental implant.

Guided Implant Surgery at MSR Dentistry

AT MSR dentistry, we incorporate the latest dental implant surgery technologies to facilitate a complete implant procedure being completed in a single appointment. We fabricate dental implants by taking the impression of the targeted area to craft precisely fitting implants and make them porous to improve the rate of fixation to the jaw bone. The dental implants are crafted using computer-aided CAD/CAM technology to manufacture implant that fit in securely. The dental implants are placed on the model template before inserting into the jawbone to check for precision. Later the implants are placed on the jaw bone on the exact location, depth and angle and the crown is placed using the immediate loading techniques to look and function as a natural tooth. These implants can be used in medically compromised patients as it has guides and immediate placement advantage and number of visits can be minimized. To know more about guided implants and treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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