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Tooth colour filling

With the advancement in dental industry, there has been renovation in tooth color filling components.  Cosmetic up gradation in tooth color filling is aesthetically pleasing and very strong. Tooth color fillings can be performed for large or small size depending on the conditions. For small size cavity filling, a direct restoration method is performed using a tooth colored filling in a single appointment. If the cavity size is large, then a strong tooth-colored dental inlay or onlay is applied using an indirect restoration method.

An indirect restoration is performed in two dental appointments. During the first dental appointment, the damaged or decayed portion of the teeth is removed and the healthy portion of the tooth structure is retained. An impression is obtained from the targeted teeth and sent to our hi-tech laboratory for fabrication of tooth filling restoration that match the tooth shade. A temporary cover is placed on the cleaned tooth till the tooth fillings are crafted. The custom-made restoration is placed onto the model of your teeth to check if the restoration fits correctly and looks natural. On the next appointment, the temporary cover is removed and a conditioning gel is applied to prepare teeth for the new restoration. Tooth color restoration is placed and cemented using specialized high- intensity light to bond the new restoration securely to the tooth and polished to look strong and natural.

Types of fillings

Composite Fillings:  Composite fillings are usually used on back teeth (molar teeth).  The dentist cleans the decay from the tooth and puts the thin layers of bonding material on the inside of the cavity. Each layer of bonding is hardened using curing light and shapes the filling to look and feel natural.

Advantages of composite filling

  • Same color as the natural teeth.
  • Affordable
  • Can be restored in a single visit using direct restoration method

Glass Ionomer Materials: Glass ionomer fillings are used in teeth that have less biting force.


  • Same colour as the natural teeth.
  • Contain fluoride that prevents recurrent tooth decay
  • Easy to apply and restore using direct restoration method
  • Affordable

Porcelain Materials: Porcelain is the most commonly used filling materials. They are hard and brittle. A combination of porcelain and metal makes a strong, tooth-coloured crown.


  • Same colour as natural teeth
  • Affordable
  • High durability
  • Resistant to damage
  • Long lasting

At MSR dentistry, we provide natural tooth color filling services that are affordable and restore the original look and function of the teeth. We use direct or indirect restoration methods to restore the healthy portion of the teeth and pulp and removes only the affected or damaged portion of the teeth.
Tooth coloured fillings require less removal of the tooth structure. We craft tooth color restorations that fit perfectly into the cavity and are cemented for long lasting warranty. To know more about tooth color filling and the best suited filling depending on your tooth condition, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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