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Single Visit Laser Teeth Whitening

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

MSR dental hospital has adapted the laser technology to provide single visit laser teeth whitening with the most advanced and effective form of bleaching technique to remove stains and discoloration of the teeth. Special teeth whitening agents and diode laser devices are used to remove the stains from the surface of the teeth. We use sophisticated laser devices that emits laser beams of specific wavelengths from the diode that break up the stains into tiny molecules. The procedure removes stain and discoloration of teeth caused by deposition from foods and beverages and improves the teeth shade to a great extent.

The revolutionary advancement in laser technology has brought in a wide-ranging approach to cosmetic dental treatment procedures.

laser teeth whitening in chennai

Laser teeth whitening process

Laser teeth whitening process produce instant result in a single visit to renovate the smile and improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. The energy from the lasers beams speed up the chemical reaction of the whitening agent and produce a faster result with a single visit teeth whitening sessions. At MSR dental hospital, single visit laser teeth whitening service is performed under the supervision of a qualified dentist.

Laser Teeth Whitening procedure

The dentist conducts an initial screening to perform an overall oral health condition of the teeth and gums. A pre- treatment procedure is initiated and includes cleaning the teeth and all the cavities if any are treated and filled before the bleaching process. Medications are administered to avoid temporary sensitivity. The dentist safeguards the gums by applying a barrier gel to protect them from the whitening agent. The mouth is held open with a plastic or rubber guard. A syringe is used to apply the whitening agent to the front of the teeth and a pen-style laser is used to activate the whitening compound. The energy of the laser beams activate the compound and start to foam and lift the stains from the surface of the teeth. All the teeth are treated with the whitening agent and laser beam and the foam solution is allowed to remain for a few minutes and then wiped off using a small vacuum tool. Next, a new layer of whitening compound is applied and the process is repeated for three times depending on the severity of stains. Lastly, the mouth is rinsed gently and the protective layer is removed from the gums.

The laser teeth whitening session will produce an increased sensitivity for few days and medications are prescribed to avoid or reduce sensitivity. It is highly recommended to avoid highly acidic food and beverages including tea, coffee and red wine to have long lasting results.

Advantages of single visit Laser Teeth Whitening

  • Instant result with single session of laser teeth whitening treatments
  • Less time per whitening compound application (15-60 minutes)
  • Brighter and whiter teeth

Laser teeth whitening is the safest and effective method of teeth whitening with non invasive and painless method. We emphasize on excellence and quality in dental services by a team of well-experienced and qualified dentists at affordable rates. To know more about laser teeth whitening and treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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