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Lava-premium crowns

Lava crown is an artificial case that seals and restores an infected or damaged tooth. Lava premium crown uses high quality zirconia to craft the tooth appliance and makes long lasting results. The lava premium crowns are available in tooth shades or translucent and remain undistinguished from rest of the teeth. One main advantage of using lava premium crown is that they do not require an adhesive cementation. Without any adhesive material, lava crowns are able to stay in place permanently without any alteration on the composition and tooth surface of the tooth.

Lava premium crowns are crafted using special material known as lava zirconia which is produced from a reputed 3M. The porcelain material with its special composition makes it unique from rest of the available crowns in the dental industry. They are very translucent and looks like the natural tooth enamel giving the cased teeth a very natural look. The special composition of the lava crown provides excellent strength against chipping and cracking and increases their durability.

At MSR dentistry, our cosmetic dentists recommend lava premium crowns in the following situations:

  • For discolored and stained teeth: overlaying one or more stained or discoloured teeth with lava premium crown is a onetime investment and do not require repeated teeth whitening.
  • Crooked Teeth: Lava premium crowns are an excellent solution to crooked teeth for improving the aesthetics of the crooked teeth.
  • Teeth after a Root Canal Treatment: A root canal treatment involves hollowing out the infected pulp of the affected teeth. This may leave the tooth weaker and vulnerable to damage. Placing a lava premium crown over the teeth after a root canal treatment gives the tooth strength to resist the chewing forces better.
  • Fractured Teeth: Lava premium crowns will restore, strengthen and improve the aesthetics and strength of a fractured teeth and protection from further deterioration.

Preparation of LAVA Crowns

Lava premium crowns can be crafted in 3 simple steps and placing a lava crown can be performed in a single appointment.

Tooth preparation: Teeth are prepared by trimming and cleaning to overlay the lava crown.

Digitized impression: A digital impression of the targeted teeth is taken and a suitable crown is fabricated by the dentist using CAD/CAM technology.

Checking and fitting: The lava premium crown is checked for integrity and fitting and is cemented onto the top of the affected teeth.

Advantages of Lava premium crowns

Lava premium crowns have several special advantages over other conventional crown types and include:

  • Natural look: Lava crowns are crafted using translucent material to provide a natural appearance matching the teeth shade making it suitable for restoration.
  • Ceramic material: Lava premium crowns are crafted using ceramic and are free from defects.
  • Durability: The Lava premium crowns come with high durability providing unmatched strength against crack and chipping.
  • Quick manufacture: Using CAD/CAM technology and equipments, lava premium crowns can be easily prepared and cemented immediately.
  • Conserve tooth structure: lava crowns are thin cases, eliminating the requirement of heavy trimming of teeth to cement the crown and most of the tooth structure is preserved.

At MSR dentistry, we provide lava premium crowns that are affordable and maintenance free. To know more about lava premium crowns and treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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