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Laser Root Canal Treatment

Advancement in laser technology has brought in revolutionary changes in various dental treatment services. Laser technology has evolved the traditional root canal treatment method to clean out root canals. Laser treatment involves using laser devices that emits parallel beam of intense light to clean away debris consisting of bacteria from the infected root pulp. Laser root canal treatment is safe and more effective when compared to the traditional treatment method as it cleans the root more thoroughly and systematically with less time, pain and discomfort. Laser beam kill and cleans all the infection causing bacteria and removes the debris completely. This reduces the risk of reoccurrence of bacterial infection and pulp decay. The procedure is minimal invasive and produce less post operative pain, swelling and discomfort with no bleeding.

laser root canal treatment in chennai

Advantages of Laser Root Canal Therapy

There are numerous advantages of laser root canal therapy as discussed below:

  • Safe and effective method of cleaning root pulp
  • Removes and kills the infection causing bacteria completely
  • No side effects after the treatment
  • No Bleeding
  • Less pain, swelling and discomfort
  • Faster recovery period
  • Require only minimal anesthesia or no local anesthesia
  • Laser beams reaches areas that metal instruments cant
  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissues
  • High success rate of treatment

Laser root canal procedure

The dentist initiates the procedure by applying minimal anesthesia. Soft tissue laser is used to clean and eliminate the infected or decayed tooth pulp from the pulp canal during the rootcanal treatment procedure. The laser emits beams that burn out the pulp tissue with no residue of damaged tissues or bacteria at all.

At MSR dentistry, we have high quality advanced laser devices imported from reputed company. We possess soft tissue laser to perform various dental treatment with precision and high success rate. We provide a state of the art facilities and treatment options with advanced and sophisticated treatment methods that are non invasive and painless for patients who come to us with various problems in the oral cavity. We emphasize on excellence and quality in dental services by a team of well-experienced and qualified dentists at affordable rates. To know more about laser root canal treatment and treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Root Canal explanation

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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