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Root Canal Disinfection

What is Root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment involves removing an infected pulp from the affected teeth. Bacterial infection of the root pulp causes extreme pain and swelling on the affected tooth. Various causes can lead to tooth infection including an injury, tooth damage or decay or leakage of tooth fillings. A tooth root system consists of a soft pulp with parts of nerves and blood vessels. Bacterial infection spread out to the root canal and infects the tissues surrounding the tooth causing swelling and pain.

Root canal disinfection process involves complete elimination of infection causing bacteria and affected pulp from the teeth.

root canal disinfection treatment    in chennai


What is Root Canal Disinfection?

Root canal disinfection procedure is stress free and affordable treatment method that can be accomplished in a single visit. The treatment removes the infection causing bacteria and prevents the reoccurrence of the condition and seals the cavity using high quality filling material and the capped with crown. They appear and function as a normal teeth structure.

At MSR dentistry we rely on laser assisted Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming method to disinfect a damaged tooth pulp. The laser beams kills the infection causing bacteria completely from the oral cavity and is an ideal solution for people who do not want to extract the abscessed tooth using traditional root canal treatment method.

The laser devices emits specific wavelength of beams at regular intervals throughout the oral tissues and targets the infection causing bacteria. Dental diode lasers are set on appropriate settings and wavelengths that will disinfect the tooth, gum and bone surfaces. The laser beams are targeted on area beyond the reach of conventional dental instruments and results in complete oral disinfection.

Laser Root Canal Disinfection Advantages

There are several advantages of used diode laser for disinfection. First of all the laser disinfection treatment method do not overheat the tissues when compared to the traditional method. The method also has an antimicrobial decontamination effect with a smaller spot size. The laser method also increases the bond strength of the dental filling material and prevents reoccurrence of infection and leakage of the tooth filling.

At MSR dentistry, we have state of the art treatment facilities with latest and advanced equipments and highly skilled and qualified dental surgeons and dentists that enable them to handle any oral condition with easy. We rely on advanced treatment method for safe and effective treatment and to produce desirable results. To know more about, root canal disinfection and treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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