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Laser for Gummy Smile & Depigmentation

What is a Gummy Smile?

Gummy smile is the excess exposure of gum tissue which makes the teeth look small and aesthetically unappealing. A gummy smile can be developed on its own or due to a serious underlying dental issue or an unbalanced mouth shape.

What is a Gum pigmentation?

Gum pigmentation is the presence of unattractive dark or blotchy patches of visible gum tissue. Both the gummy smile and depigmentation can be resolved with laser dentistry to remove excess gum tissue and to achieve a lighter shade of the gums that are pale pink in color. At MSR dental hospital, the excess gum tissue around the teeth is removed to reveal more of the teeth to provide a more balanced appearance and lighter shade of the exposed gum tissue.

Laser for gummy smile and depigmentation is best suitable for those who have uneven gums and blotch patched gum that mask a large portion of their teeth.

laser gum treatment in chennai

Causes of Gummy Smile

  • An abnormal outbreak of teeth that appear to be short covered up with excessive gum tissue.
  • Incorrect development of the upper jaw bone
  • Overactive muscles that are responsible for the upper lip movement

Causes of Gum Depigmentation

  • Over production and deposition of melanin caused from various factors including genetics
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Systematic diseases
  • Medication
  • Smoking

At MSR dental hospital, we use the most effective and minimally invasive laser treatment methods to treat a gummy smile. The laser treatment focuses on reshaping the excess gum tissue. We rely on advanced and best laser devices for various laser dental treatments.

Laser for gummy smile procedure

During the laser treatment procedure, a local anesthesia is administered to eliminate discomfort and pain during the procedure. A concentrated beam of the laser is emitted from the device and directed towards the excess gum tissue to remove them and sculpt a uniform gum line. The laser beams do not produce any vibration or heat and is minimal invasive and painless. At regular intervals a gentle spray of water is used to keep it smooth and steady.

Laser for depigmentation procedure

During the depigmentation procedure, soft tissue diode lasers are used to remove superficial layer of gums. The process removes gum surface tissues along with black melanin pigment and transforms them to soft tissue in ideal pink color. Laser assisted gum depigmentation is a revolutionary procedure and it will safely and effectively remove the melanin pigmentation to provide soft pink gums.

Advantages of laser dental treatment for gummy smile and depigmentation

The main advantage of laser dental treatments is:

  • Minimal invasive
  • Faster post recovery period when compared to other conventional treatment options.
  • Less discomfort and pain during and after the procedure
  • Less bleeding and swelling
  • Allows the dentist to reshape the gum line with ease
  • Enables to increase the length of the teeth
  • Remove excess gum tissue
  • Produce a symmetrical gum line.

At MSR dental hospital we have revolutionized dental treatment procedures for simple, faster and painless excess gum tissue removal and depigmentation. To know your chances, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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