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Our World Class Infrastructure

AT MSR dentistry, we provide world class dental treatment services to treat various oral cavity problems in an effective and comfortable manner. With the constant advancements in dentistry, we rely on the leading edge dental treatment procedures for complete oral treatment and client satisfaction. Our state of the art facilities include techniques to prevent, diagnose and treat various oral conditions with comfort and ease.

Our world class infrastructure includes:

Infection control with advanced sterilization method: Optimum sterilization of dental equipments and tools is mandatory after each session of dental treatment. We rely on Autoclave method of sterilization that is faster and effective with steam penetration process. This ensures even the spores and other infection causing agents are removed from the tools and are stored in the UV chamber for effective maintenance. Another advanced sterilization technique include the UV Sterilizer and glass bead sterilization machinery that is placed adjacent to the dental chair for faster sterilization of tools during treatment.

Imaging technique Digital OPG: At MSR dentistry we have updated digital OPG system for advanced image capturing. The system enables capture and process 3D images with precision and enables to understand minute details of the image and is screened to a computer screen.  The OPG system avoids multiple exposures to X rays and other traditional imaging techniques. We also have intraoral cameras that are used to investigate the oral condition and educate the patient on the affected condition and the importance of proper routine oral cavity cleaning. Intra-oral digital sensors enable to capture images through sensors and are connected and displayed on the computer screen through a connected digital network.

Other Advanced world class infrastructure includes advanced dental chair that are imported from reputed company for comfy seating in a comfortable state during the treatment. We also provide Noble biocare implants, Zygoma implants, Zirconium implants and keyhole implants and associated dental tools and equipments for minimally invasive treatment techniques and to reduce the risk of complications.

Laser dentistry: WE have highly sophisticated and advanced FDA approved soft tissue diode lasers imported from reputed company to perform various laser dental treatment services. Laser dentistry is the latest advancement in the dental industry that are safe and effective treatment method with no incision, no pain, no swelling, no bleeding and no or little dose of anesthesia. The treatment method is minimally invasive and is suitable treatment option for children also with less pain and discomfort with effective treatment result.

Painless injections: MSR dentistry had adopted a new technology for giving local anesthesia to adults and children without the discomfort of conventional injections. A computerized system deliver local anesthesia via a narrow plastic tubing that significantly reduces the pain and discomfort of injections in the oral cavity throughout the dental treatment.

Physio-Dispenser: The Physio-Dispenser is a device used in dental implant procedure to insert the implant into the jaw bone precisely. The device is specially designed to embed the implants into the bone and the main advantage of the device is that almost every part of the dispenser can be sterilized. Sterilization of the device is compulsory to prevent spreading of infections.

CBCT OP3D PRO: CBCT OP3D PRO enchances clinical diagnosis with high quality images with very less scanning time. The imaging software recognizes the anatomical structure and captures in depth and detailed high quality images using simple 3D X-ray system.

Dental implants: At MSR dentistry, we maintain dental implants stock so that patients can avail implants services on the day of cunsultation .we fabricate high quality customized dental implants to replace single or multiple missing teeth that looks and function as a natural tooth to enhance the aesthetic appearance. Dental implants are a lifetime dental restoration with non reactive crafting materials. Visit our centre to know more about our dental treatment services.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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