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MSR dentistry provides unique solutions for a wide array of dental problems and treatment services which include general dental care, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, Pediatric dentistry and laser dentistry. We incorporate the latest technological advancement in various treatment procedures to offer safe and effective treatment solutions for various dental concerns. We provide general dentistry treatments services from skilled and highly qualified dentist and these includes the routine dental check-ups, oral hygiene assessment, dental fillings, preventive procedures, tooth bonding, root canal treatment, tooth extractions and gum disease treatment.

We have a team of skilled cosmetic dentists and dental surgeon who are able to provide individually tailored treatment solutions to enhance the smile and boost your confidence with latest treatment techniques. Our dentist evaluates the condition and opt the best suited cosmetic treatment to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and smile. Our contemporary cosmetic dental treatments includes porcelain crowns and veneers, dental implant supported bridges, professional teeth whitening and various other dental solutions to help improve the aesthetics of your smile.

We offer a wide array of dental implants that mimics the look and function of a natural teeth root with stability and flexibility. We offer treatment services to replace one or more missing or lost teeth using high quality custom made dental implants that suits patient size and requirement to fit in perfectly without any movement or shifting of the capped crowns. Types of dental implants available at MSR dentistry Dental Implant Center include guided implants, keyhole implants, Noble biocare implants and zirconium implants. All dental implants used are biocompatible with high durability and can be inserted using the immediate loading techniques. The major advantage of dental implants treatment from MSR dentistry is that we provide permanent teeth replacement that look and feel natural and more reliable. Our dentist uses the latest advanced implant dentistry techniques including CAD/CAM technology for having a fixed set of teeth in just 6 days.

We have a department exclusive for children with regular checkups, preventive procedures and other advanced treatment services with children safe anesthesia to ease their anxiety and to relax the child during the treatment procedures.

We also posses advanced laser devices and uses the laser technology in various dental treatments including laser root canal treatment, gummy smile and de-pigmentation, laser teeth whitening, laser frenectomy and soft tissue laser dentistry. The main benefit of using laser energy in dental treatments is that they are minimal invasive, no bleeding, no pain and swelling, no scars and faster healing process. All these are added advantages to our patients who receive laser dental treatments from our centre.

At MSR dentistry, we fabricate various dental appliances including porcelain crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures and dental implants to securely fit to the oral cavity. We use the sophisticated CAD/CAM technology to fabricate the dental utensils by acquiring the size and measurements from the patients and test them on model tooth structure to fit in precisely. These has increased our success rate on various dental treatment services and are able to provide complete satisfaction to our client with expected results. To know more about our dental services, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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