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Dental Implants Faqs

Why are implants better than dentures?
Dental implants have less maintenance, fewer visits & you can eat whatever you wish, which denture don’t have all the above benefits.

Are dental implants painful?
✔ NO. Dental implants are completely painless procedure.

What is the risk of dental implants?
✔ 99% we don’t face any risk in dental implants. Dental implants can be done in any situation.

What is the alternative to dental implants?
✔ We call it is bridges, which is also a type of permanent fixation

How long do dental implants take to heal?
✔ Dental implants will heal within three days. & it will take 3 months to get completely merged with bone.

How much does dental implants cost?
✔ Dental implants cost varies according to type you choose.

How long do dental implants last?
✔ We in MSR dentistry gives lifetime warranty for dental implants and crowns.

What can you eat after an implant surgery?
✔ For the first three months, you should avoid hard foods like hard bones, nuts. Follow your dentist advice and enjoy your favorite foods forever

Do dental implants feel natural?
✔ Yes definitely. Dental implants mimic our natural tooth up to 90%

Can i get implant immediately after tooth removal?
✔ Yes. Dental implants can be done immediately after tooth removal. The whole procedure will take about half an hour.

Can I drink coffee after dental implant surgery?
✔ Yes. But avoid having it in very hot manner. Warm coffee or tea is recommended.

Root Canal Faqs

Is getting a root canal painful?
✔ No. Root canal treatment is not painful. We in. Msr dentistry uses painless injection only.

How many visits does it take for a root canal?
✔ You have to visit your dentist 3 times at an interval of 2 days in-between.

How long does a temporary filling last after a root canal?
✔ Temporary filling lasts about 2 days usually. But for some people, it lasts even a month. It depends on how we are maintaining our oral health.

What are the symptoms of a tooth infection spreading?
✔ Sensitivity during intake of hot, cold, sweets. Pain during sleep. Pain during eating and chewing.

Can I brush teeth after fillings?
✔ Yes you can do brushing normally after filling

Is a crown necessary after a root canal?
✔ Yes definitely. Crown after the root canal is mandatory. Or else you root canal lasts for a year or two.

How long does a dental crown last?
✔ We in MSR dentistry give life time warranty for our patients for crowns done here.

Laser Teeth Whitening Faq

Is laser whitening safe for your teeth?
✔ Yes. Laser whitening is a completely safe procedure for our natural teeth. Only a minimal amount of laser will be done in whitening.

How long does it last laser teeth whitening?
✔ Depending on patients maintenance of their oral hygiene.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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