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Keyhole implants

Keyhole implants are small diameter dental implants that mimic the look and function of a natural root. Keyhole implants are used to stabilize a removable denture in position or is used as a foundation for a fixed dental implant supported bridge.

Keyhole implant surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed by our skilled and qualified dental surgeons. The procedure is performed under a dose of local anesthesia to reduce the pain and discomfort caused during the procedure. Keyhole implants are designed to function immediately with their self tapping action. The keyhole implants are inserted in the jawbone to provide a solid foundation with the head protruding above the jaw line. Keyhole dental implants are durable and long lasting. Keyhole implants are used to stabilize the dentures with virtually no movement and rest comfortably on the gum tissues. This enables you to eat with ease and talk confidently and fit in securely. To support a denture, 4 keyhole implants are used to stabilize the implant supported denture.

Keyhole Implant Procedure

At MSR dentistry, we rely on CT technology using 3D diagnostic technology to insert keyhole implants. The procedure is minimal invasive and only a small pouch is made directly in the gum tissue and the keyhole implant is placed. This eliminates the requirement of bone grafting procedure and is a flapless procedure with less post operative pain and discomfort and faster recovery.

Advantages of keyhole dental implants

  • Keyhole implant are affordable than a conventional implant.
  • Minimally invasive procedure as the keyhole dental implants are inserted directly through the gum tissue
  • Less post surgery discomfort
  • Can be implanted in less quality available bone
  • No requirement for bone grafting procedure
  • Crafted using a blend of titanium and metal that produce strongest implants
  • Smaller in size than conventional implants
  • More stronger and durable implants

At MSR dentistry, we evaluate the dental condition and discuss the best suited dental treatment for individual cases. The main usage of keyhole implant is to stabilize the dentures and is also used to replace individual teeth. Stabilizing and securing a full mouth denture prevents sore spots and rocking movement of the denture while eating and talking. With the 3D imaging technology, the dentist evaluates the jaw bone density and locate the exact location for placement of keyhole implant without any bone surgery or grafting. This makes the procedure less invasive and reliable.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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