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Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry in Chennai

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry in Chennai

Soft tissue dental diode lasers are laser devices used to cut and contour soft tissues in the oral cavity including the gum tissues.  Diode lasers devices offer a wide range of dental treatment possibilities. At MSR dentistry, we have imported soft tissue laser devices that are capable of creating precision cuts in soft tissues with no bleeding at the treatment site. The laser treatment is minimally invasive with no bleeding, less pain and discomfort and a faster recovery period. At MSR dentistry, our skilled dentist uses soft tissue diode lasers for various dental treatments including soft tissue preparations for various dental procedures, sterilization of root canals, periodontal disease treatments and laser tooth whitening. Dental laser diode devices are portable and easy to use with simple controls.

Different wavelengths laser devices are used for various treatment purposes offering numerous benefits for soft tissues treatments.

Advantages of using soft tissue lasers include:

  • Ability to cut and coagulate soft tissue rudiments
  • Seals small blood vessels with no bleeding from the treatment site
  • Seals small lymphatic vessels result in no swelling
  • Sterilizing of soft tissue and root canal
  • Reduce scarring
  • Reduced postoperative tissue shrinkage
  • Less pain and discomfort post laser treatment

Soft tissue laser devices are a compact device that produces a precise beam of concentrated light energy through a narrow fibre-optic cord. The laser beams are targeted to the site location and enter the targeted tissue and cut and vaporize without affecting the surrounding tissues and keep them intact. The energy from the laser beam sterilizes the targeted area and coagulates the blood vessels and eliminates the risk of bacterial infection with no bleeding. The Laser treatments method does not require traditional drills and other tools and is performed with no incision of the gum tissues.

A diode laser is used for various dental treatments including:

  • Reduce the pain and discomfort caused by sores instantly and prevents the reoccurrence of the condition in future.
  • Diseased or infected gum tissues are easily removed using a soft tissue diode laser without bleeding, swelling, pain and discomfort. The treatment involves removing only the affected gum tissues and the surrounding tissues remains unaffected and intact.
  • A soft tissue diode laser is used for gum reshaping to perfectly fit in the crown and to expose a healthy tooth structure. This facilitates creating a stronger base foundation for restorations and for a more balanced smile.
  • Soft-tissue diode lasers are used for root canal treatment. The laser beams from the soft tissue diode laser produce enough heat and pressure to remove the infected pulp and debris from the affected root. The lasers beams kill and remove the infection-causing bacteria and prevent the reoccurrence of infection.
  • Soft Tissue Diode lasers are also used as a preventive treatment method to prevent occurrences of gum diseases. The diode laser helps decontaminate and sterilize the root surface that can cause infection and gum disease.
  • Laser Teeth Whitening is the fastest method of teeth whitening procedure that produces an instant result in a single visit. The laser teeth whitening techniques break down the stain on the surface of the teeth and wash the debris away and produce a brighter shade of teeth.

At MSR dentistry, we have quality FDA approved soft tissue diode lasers imported from a reputed company.  Laser treatments are minimally invasive with no pain, swelling, bleeding, incisions and a faster recovery period. These features can be experienced in various dental treatment services offered at MSR dentistry. The adaptation of laser technology in dental treatments over the traditional methods outstands the patient’s experience and produce outstanding results. To know more about soft tissue diode laser treatments, book an appointment now.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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