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Children Dentistry

What is Children Dentistry?

MSR dentistry has a special department exclusive for children dentistry and uses the most advanced techniques from best skilled dental surgeons to safeguard and protect child teeth. Children oral cavity is more prone for bacterial infection and gum decay due to several reasons including poor oral hygiene and food habits.

Children Dentistry at MSR

At MSR dentistry we use safe anesthesia in children during various dental treatments to ease their anxiety and to relax the child. We have qualified anesthetic and uses nitrous oxide sedation which is the safest anesthesia recommended for children. Nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas is administered through a breathing mask and the child will stay fully conscious and keep all normal impulses during the dental treatment. At MSR dentistry, we use advanced technology for diagnosing and treating various dental issues in children dental health.

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Child Dentistry Procedure

Fluoride therapy:

Fluoride therapy is a protective method and involves the repairing of an infected tooth and application of fluoride to prevent future decay and damage to the tooth.

Pit & Fissure Sealants:

Sealants is the safest and effective protection method of protecting the teeth from decay. These are a plastic coating applied on the biting surfaces of the back teeth and acts as a hard shield or barrier against bacteria attack and infection. Pit and fissure sealants are usually applied to cover the hollows and fissures of the molar and premolar teeth.


Dental restorations include filling in hollow gaps using composites, extraction of a damaged or decayed tooth and placement of crowns, filling the tooth gaps and application of sealants to prevent further damage and decay to the teeth.

Pulp Therapy:

Pulp therapy involves removing an infected pulp from the teeth and refilling and sealing the gap to prevent future bacterial attack and tooth decay. A tooth pulp comprises of nerves and roots of the teeth and any damage to the tooth can cause bacterial infection and decay of the tooth cavity. In such cases, the infected pulp is removed and sealed.

Pediatric Orthodontics:

Pediatric Orthodontics including treatment protocols that involves rectifying developmental issues to the permanent teeth, guiding or aligning permanent teeth if they are misplaced or crowded, reducing the risk of teeth damage with non invasive orthodontic or dental treatments.

Treatment for Medically Compromised Children:

We have a group of trained dental surgeons in treating children with special needs and to bestow the extra attention and understanding they require with compassion and to offer treatment options for them to achieve a pleasing and healthy smile.

Space Maintainers:

Space maintainers are used in children who have prematurely lost baby teeth or when the permanent teeth are not erupting properly. Space maintainers hold space for the complete eruption of the permanent teeth without over-crowding.

Laser dental treatments:

At MSR dentistry, we rely on advanced laser devices for various dental treatments for children as well as adults. The main advantage of laser dental treatments is that they are minimal invasive, painless, no bleeding and with zero downtime. The laser dental treatments enable the children to recover faster from the treatment with no pain, swelling and discomfort during and after the procedures.

Authored By : DR. C. VIVEK PANDIAN

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