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Fear less Dental check-ups for Children

Fear less Dental check-ups for Children

I loved this clinic because of its clean and cozy ambiance. Dr. Vivekpandian was very patient in handling my child. This was the first time my child went in for a dental checkup and he completely loved it. The doctor was very friendly and made the checkup more comfortable for my kid.


Balanagendran R

Pain-free treatment

Pain-less treatment.

I was pleased to have chosen Dr. Vivekpandian to get my dental implants.
Very professional and friendly doctor. He made me feel so comfortable throughout my implant procedure and it was a pain-free treatment.

I’m so happy with the result.


Aravind Srinivasan

restoring smile and confidence using dental implants

Dr. Vivekpandian is the best dentist I’ve ever met. He is very professional, friendly, and humble. His dental office contains all the latest technology for dental implants. Thank you so much for restoring my smile and confidence.

“restoring smile and confidence using dental implants”.


Seby Martin

Root Canal treatment with crown – Sasi Varma

Root Canal Treatment with a crown.

This clinic is very professional. At a different clinic that I won’t mention I had a lot of trouble with getting a crown done! I ended up getting a root canal unexpectedly. Today, a new crown was placed and everything went very smooth. No pain, no root canal. Thanks Dr.Vivekpandian.

Suresh Nathanael

Had a great experience that changed my perspective towards the dentist. All the staff were friendly and responsive. Provided enough information which allowed me to make informed decisions about my treatment choices. I would recommend them to everyone.Thanks to Dr.vivekpandian

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