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Advantages Of Keyhole Dental Implants

Date : 27/02/2019

The process for replacing a missing tooth becomes easier with a 3D diagnostic scan. Using the scan together with the impression of the mouth, the computer-assisted technology is used to fix the keyhole implants deep inside the jawbone. The keyhole implant surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed by administering local anaesthesia. These small implants are implanted inside the j

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation For Repairing And Correcting Your Different Dental Issues

Date : 26/03/2019

Full mouth rehabilitation is a completely individualized treatment. The aim of full mouth rehabilitation treatment is to optimize the oral health of your entire mouth. This treatment focuses on both your teeth and gums. The full mouth rehabilitation treatment is done to bring changes in both your aesthetic appearance as well as oral health. The treatment provides you with a complete set of new tee

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Why Choose All-On-Four-Dental Implants?

Date : 16/01/2019

We all know that a healthy set of teeth really contributes to the contour of our face, making it more attractive. Loosing your beautiful set of teeth can be really depressing! Some of us try to hide it away by using dentures which can be quite uncomfortable! So what do you think, has dental medicine advanced so much to find a solution to this problem? Guess what?! They already have! The solution t

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Are You A Candidate For Zygomatic Implants?

Date : 12/12/2018

Though considered trivial a few years back by many, dental health is finally being regarded as one of the most important factors concerning the body. Deteriorating oral health can affect the overall health of a person which eventually leads to chronic diseases like pneumonia. But as in every field of medicine, dentistry too has been displaying great progress and advancements in the treatments. Med

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Smile Makeover Treatment to Make You Look More Confident

Date : 08/11/2018

Are you disturbed about your teeth structure..? Do you want a makeover to look more beautiful..? Here's smile makeover for you..!!! The smile makeover is a treatment process which improves your face appearance by rectifying the deformities and abnormalities present in the face and oral cavity. In the cosmetic industry, the smile makeover is one of the most popular treatments. Many celebrities a

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Chin Up, Chin Down and Say Cheese With The Perfect Laser Gum Treatment

Date : 30/05/2018

Everybody wants to be happy and lead a contented and peaceful life. The happiness is reflected right on one’s face through the smile they always have on their lips. So, don’t you think this smile needs to be so beautiful and remarkable for a reason that the whole world around you wants to look at you and you be the apple of their eyes?? Yes!! If so, show off your teeth and give a glitt

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